Business Development

Once your first steps taken (studies and adaptation of your company and your products, what we call phase 1), and the decision to develop or implement was made, it is only the matter of finding the best way to grow and catch up or get ahead of your competitors (what we call phase 2).

In a traditional way, you will have to choose from:
  • Internally hire a sales person or an area manager who will be able to travel locally;
  • Develop a network of local partners (agent, dealer, distributor ...);
  • Hire an International Corporate Volunteer (ICV)
  • Set up a local subsidiary;
  • Create a Joint Venture (JV) with a local partner (financial, agents, distributors, complementary companies ...)
  • Or to address to P2M

  • That is why P2M has implemented different offers in order to support new businesses in Russia and CIS region, regardless of their levels of development and the strategy to implement.

    P2M therefore has the opportunity to accompany you as a partner in the creation of a JV or through consulting or commercial support, either occasionally or on medium, long-term through targeted benefits such as availability of a bilingual assistant or support in a local business development as presented below.

    1. Your Russian customers & partners do not speak French or hardly English?

    In your efforts abroad, the need to communicate and understand your audience will make the knowledge of the local language an asset during your negotiations and daily exchanges (email, proposal, contract ...). You cannot, however, hire, train and manage as much sales persons as countries / languages you want to cover. In this context bilingual assistance (part-time or not) may be an important asset for your business. It allows you to overcome the language barriers and focus on your business.

    In this case P2M not only offers the availability of a commercial resource, but a framed person trained in P2M who not only knows the language of your audience, but also its culture.

    Do not hesitate to ask us about our "bilingual assistance," if you want to know more about it.

    2. Did you know that there are many tenders for your products?

    Tenders (public or not) are prominent in the Russian economy. Indeed, studies show that every year the number of tenders increases. However the participation procedures remain rather vague for Europeans, not to mention that you will be surely asked to meet in the local language or have a local partner. If you do not want only to answer but try to participate and win a tender in Russia, P2M can accompany you on all these tasks and allow you to increase your chances of success:
    • Searching the most suitable tender for your products;
    • Selecting the best option of participation (direct, indirect);
    • Administrative and legal assistance during the tender;
    • Commercial support during the exchanges with your prospects and partners.

    • Do not hesitate to ask us about our offer "management of a tender", if you want to know more on this subject.

      3. Would you like to have a "virtual" subsidiary, tomorrow in Russia?

      To grow in such a large area as Russia and CIS region, when you come from a small country in Western Europe it is strongly recommended to have a representation in any form whatsoever, in order to maintain relationships with prospects, regular monitoring over customers and reassure the market as to your intentions in the short, medium and long term.

      However it is not always easy to create a local subsidiary for various financial, commercial or managerial reasons.

      That is why P2M offers customers the opportunity to "own" a "virtual branch" in this area without its disadvantages. So we offer you an address for your marketing documents, an office when you are visiting, a business unit (one local sales manager, one sales person and the support of a secretary) part-time or full-time to:
      • Provide a local representation;
      • Expand your network and track your business locally and in a local language;
      • Ensure the commercial follow-up and participate in various events on your behalf or with you.

      • A special bilingual interlocutor who lived both in France and Russia will be responsible to manage your local business and will serve as an interlocutor in everyday life. The set up team will aim on one hand, to capitalize the transfer of skills with your teams and on the other hand to ensure the development of your local activity.

        Do not hesitate to ask us about our "virtual branch" if you want to know more on this subject.