During your business development in Russia and the CIS region, prospects and partners will not hesitate to you ask since your first meetings if you have a local presence (office, team, customers ...) and ... if not, "when do you plan to have one?" ?

That is why P2M has implemented different types of offers and business models to support you on this and help you answer as simply as possible this need, whatever your financial, technical or commercial constraints.

P2M therefore has the opportunity to accompany you as a partner in all your needs: the creation of a JV, the acquisition of an existing structure or to provide you with an office or bring your employees to Moscow.

1. Accommodation and / or wage portage for your employees.

For companies that do not have a local structure or who wish to start without it, P2M offers to host your ICV and / or your staff (expatriate or local), putting at your disposal a desk or workstation (part-time or not), and if necessary a wage portage solution.

Indeed, P2M and its network of local partners take care of all administrative procedures and formalities (visas, work permits, wages payment, etc.) and the provision of a workspace so that your teams can enjoy all the comfort necessary for the success of your business locally without wasting time on these aspects.

In addition, thanks to the strategic partnership with the company Ob'vious in particular, your teams will enjoy an environment where many other Francophone or Francophile companies (including ours) work daily and share their "best practices". Indirectly it will also allow you to access all the local French community and a network of international and local providers who used to work with companies like yours.

Do not hesitate to ask us about our partner offering an "accommodation and / or wage portage" if you want to know more on this subject.

2. Recruitment

Similarly, the strategic partnership with Ob'vious, P2M has established a partnership with the company Atsal in order to support its clients in the recruitment of local employees.

To create a proximity between our teams and be able to accompany you on your training or coaching assignments, we propose to help you gracefully in this recruitment process by supporting the provision made by the company Atsal.

Do not hesitate to ask us about our partner "recruitment", if you want more information.

3. Creation of a subsidiary or a local company

To the extent that you would create a local company or a subsidiary, P2M proposes to put you in connection with the accounting firm in charge of its business and that of many other French companies in Russia.

So together we can get better prices, dedicated teams (accounting, legal ...) present daily in our offices and of course speaking our language.

Do not hesitate to ask us about our partner "accounting", if you want more information.

4. Creation of a Joint Venture (JV) company or buying a company

To the extent that you would gain skills, market shares or a local presence more quickly and to that effect you would consider to create a JV or to buy a company, P2M can both support you in this process of buying or creation and in some cases co-invest (if necessary and if the synergies between our activities will allow it).

Just like other services offered by P2M, the entire legal part of this type of activity is outsourced to a local firm, P2M intends to accompany you on the various steps:
  • Writing specifications to identify the target or the contours of the JV;
  • Search and selection of the target or partner;
  • Target assessment;
  • Operation structuring;
  • The regulatory context;
  • Assistance in the negotiation of the transaction until its completion.

  • Do not hesitate to ask us about our "buying a company", if you want to know more about it.