Our Partners

Since its creation, Product2Markets (P2M) has capitalized and developed its network of partners across the CIS region to facilitate the business development of its customers.

Indeed, should we establish a business strategy (directly or indirectly via partnerships), strategic alliances or distribution networks, it remains advantageous to recover permanently information, ideas from professionals who know the local market, who know your prospects and competitors and can serve tomorrow as prescribers for your products.

P2M has developed a membership policy of local partners respecting the philosophy and methods of P2M in each country or region. P2M and its affiliates carry out market research, participate in trade fairs, present your solutions, select your partners according to your criteria, and present your value proposition in the language of the target country in order to speed up your development.

P2M therefore intends to act as your local representative and support you in the recruitment and running of your international network, including on the issues of sales and after sales services of your products.