Our Vision

The keys to our success are based primarily on:

  • A close relationship with our customers & local partners;
  • A broad and deep knowledge of industries in which we operate
  • Commercial experience gained in France and Russia;
  • Our capacity to act both as a financial partner and a provider;
  • The opportunity to accompany you on all your needs through our strategic partnerships;
  • And a pragmatic approach in our missions.

  • Indeed, we know that a successful globalization for our customers and partners requires constant and sustained efforts over time - this is what P2M follows, by supporting and opening its network of partners to develop the necessary synergy for the development of your products.

    In summary our philosophy is based on three principles: (i) we are entrepreneurs talking to other entrepreneurs, so we speak the same language; (ii) we are able to sell your products and build a distribution network; (iii) as the saying goes "we do what we say and say what we do" in order to establish the relevance of our actions and create mutual trust!