Why Russia

Today, Russia is probably the least known country in terms of development. Did you know for example, that among the world's emerging powers more commonly called BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), Russia is:

  • The largest country in the world (31 times the size of France, with nearly 143,700,000 inhabitants in 2014);
  • The world's largest military power after the United States;
  • The most developed country (Russia has a highest literacy level of adults in the world).

  • Some figures given to better understand the size and importance of Russia in the world:
    • Eighth largest economy (nominal GDP, 18,000 $ in 2012); sixth in purchasing power parity: what explains the explosion of local consumption in the past 15 years; largest producer of oil and natural gas;
    • Largest exporter in the world of oil and raw wood.

    • This is reflected in the local market, with a concentration of activity around key areas such as energy, steel, automotive, food industry, transportation, retail trade, the luxury sector (8th world market for example).

      In addition and contrary to popular belief, today’s Russia shows a favorable climate for foreign investment (60.4 billion dollars of investments for the first half 2013). Since the end of the Soviet regime, the country has managed to gradually adopt a market economy and a pluralistic parliamentary system allowing, for example, the development of a gas giant like Gazprom (first European market capitalization). In terms of investment, France is the second European investor after Germany, which can be explained by the common history between the two countries (not so long ago, under Catherine II the whole court spoke French) and their geographical proximity (only 3.5 hours flight from Moscow).

      For all these reasons and many more, Russia is now an accessible market, attractive for business and can be a prerequisite for the development of your company?