About Us

Right or wrongly, the CIS countries are still seen by the West as "difficult" for business. Working remotely with these countries is not always easy, especially when considering their sizes: Russia alone represents 9 time zones.

If you send only occasionally a person which does not speak Russian, who has not lived in a Russian-speaking country and bears alone the responsibility for your development in this area, based on our experience, you may jeopardize your chances of success.

Based on this observation, Product2Markets (P2M) provides its customers and partners not just one person but a multicultural and multilingual team, history, a know-how and a network of business partners and experts (accounting, HR, legal, ...). Indeed, thanks to the experiences of our staff in the West and in Russian-speaking countries, we will promote the creation of links between your team and the Russian market.

P2M aims for a daily commitment, always at your side, on each of your projects so that together we can turn your dreams of conquest in market share!