Health & Life Style

The rising purchasing power, the developing mores and federal programs (Law on cigarettes and alcohol in 2013) and the creation of medical offices in geographic proximity, etc. have enabled the urban population to pay more attention and budget to their health and lifestyle. Health spending,per capita, amounts today to about $ 900 a year, in a context where the number of doctors is low (5 per thousand inhabitants). This enabled the leading pharmaceutical and Para pharmaceutical industry such as Sanofi, Bayer and Novartis to implant and grow easily on Russian territory. At present, 75% of medicines on the Russian market are imported mainly from Germany, France or Italy.

As for cosmetics and other beauty products which include major global players such as L'Oreal, Clinique, Yves Rocher, etc. Russia is now the 6th worldwide market with 15.6 billion euros expected for 2015.

On another issue, although the Moscow real estate market is still a long way to compete with the major international markets, it has remarkably recovered since 2009, when prices collapsed. Today, the average price of apartments located within the Garden Ring (1 ring road of the city) is more than 14,500 dollars per square meter. The most expensive properties can reach up to 60,000 dollars per square meter.


Did you know?

  • Russia is the third market for cosmetics
  • Russian women take an average of 40 minutes for makeup
  • Drugs against cellulite are booming in Russia
  • Drug spending in Russia for 2010, rise to $ 28 million
  • "Arbidol" is the most popular drug in Russia