Success Stories

Even if Product2Markets (P2M) remains a growing company, we already have many references at individual level (for founders and their staff) as well as at society level.

Indeed, we had the opportunity to work on different stages of business development for our customers and partners, both in strategic consulting (research funding (public, private), defining a strategy marketing in Russia & CIS region, redemption of local partner / competitor ...) and in operational missions (market research, the company's location and its products, participation in trade fairs, type of mission "prospection at an early stage ", availability of part time/full time team).

As you can see on our website, our vocation is not to highlight our company on the Russian market but to sell the products of our customers. We focus our marketing and sales efforts on the websites of our clients in order to be referenced and identified on the target market.

P2M philosophy is to provide a "tailor-made" approach taking into account your objectives as well as your constraints and your characteristics. Indeed, our ambition is not to be a local distributor lambda but to act as your affiliate and implement the development strategy we have validated together.

Should you be interested in more information, thank you to indicate the market you are targeting, your level of development / progress so that we can offer you suitable examples and of course an action plan that we would set up for you.