Transport & Infrastructures

The area of the country (17 million square kilometers) makes the transport industry very important for the development of the Russian economy. Since Soviet times, the train remained the principal mean of transport for both people and goods transportation. This market is also still swallowed up by the state-owned Russian Railways ( which has 80,000 km of roads. Significant progress is to be made in upgrading infrastructure, rolling stock and the creation of dedicated lines for freight transport.

Indeed, today the main goal in this market is the modernization of the rail network characterized by outdated cars, aging infrastructure and dissatisfied travelers by the provided services. Foreign manufacturers such as Alstom, Siemens and Bombardier have quickly grasped the opportunities of this market for the supply of locomotives, wagons of passengers and goods but also fast trains connecting major cities (Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod and St.Petersboug).

Modernizations are also expected for the maritime fleet that continually crosses the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, the Pacific Ocean and increasingly exploiting the Arctic: very strategic point for Russia regarding the oil wealth. Among the 41 largest ports in Russia, only 11 have the appropriate infrastructure for the import and export of goods, others require substantial renovation.

Urban transport is characterized by metros, buses, trolley buses and minibuses rather obsolete which do not incorporate yet modern information systems on their boards. Internal air freight is itself undeveloped although internal flights are gaining more and more popularity.

Sports events such as the Football World Championship 2018, the Olympic Winter Games 2014, the world championship of Formula 1 and other large exhibitions serve as a catalyst for the development of this infrastructure providing real opportunities for suppliers and investors foreigners.


Did you know?

  • Russia has nearly a million kilometers of road
  • Russia has the largest electrified rail network in the world
  • Russia is the largest tram market in the world
  • In 2015, in the Russian city Yekaterinburg, public transport will host the most modern tram "Russia One (R1)" nicknamed "IPhone on rails", produced entirely in Russia
  • Russia will invest over $ 3.5 billion in the renovation of railways in Crimea